Eastward Bound!

Last July I got a promotion a work. Since then I have only met one person on my new team as the rest of my team is either in the Vancouver area or in the Toronto area. I haven’t actually even met my manager yet. However, things change today.

I will be flying out of Edmonton today into Toronto and then going to Cambridge (don’t ask why on that part) so to finally meet five of my other team members. On Wednesday I get back into town while I have more meetings and a few Thursday morning. It should be an interesting experience as I have a few things planned, such as:

  • Going to the CN Tower
  • Going to an early morning Communion service at St. James Cathedral on Thursday
  • Meeting up with the Rev’d Daniel Brereton (and possibly others), and
  • Visiting the grave of a Jewish friend of mine who passed away in September 2011 and whose funeral I sadly missed.

In all I am really hoping everything goes well.


PS – If anyone reads this and lives in and/or Toronto and is willing to give me a ride out to Vaughn on Friday morning before taking me to Pearson to fly back home I would be eternally greatfull.

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