Fred Phelps is Dead, or Why the Internet has Given me Hope in Humanity

Today one of the most vile men in the history of America has passed away. Fred Phelps, the former civil-rights attorney turned fundamentalist-Primitive Baptist Pastor, known primarily to his opposition to Homosexuality that was utterly vitriolic. His Church, which consists primarily of Family Members, is well known for protesting at funerals saying that almost everything bad under the Sun that happens is happening because of the acceptance of Homosexuality. Their protest signs are well known with “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”.

For a long time I remember seeing posts on the internet with people talking about protesting at his funeral in “revenge” for his protesting at the funerals of American soldiers killed in Action, and other victims of violence. And yet today I have seen NOT ONE posting on Social Media that is hateful towards Phelps on this, the day of his death.

I have seen friends post of Social Media asking for prayers to God for Mercy on Phelps. And, this isn’t coming from Christians on just one side of the moral issues surrounding Homosexuality. I have seen it from Gay Christians and their allies. I have seen it from Christians who think homosexuality is a grave sin but thought Phelps and his church were horrid and disgusting. I have not seen one person post anything hateful about Phelps today. And it makes me hope.

A lot of the time I see the worst in people be brought out on the Internet. Not so today. Today I might have seen the best.

Fred Phelps was a vile and hateful man. We need to remember that God, in his infinite mercy, can forgive Fred Phelps of his wickedness he can surely forgive us. Amen.

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