Nipping Something in the Bud

Okay, I would like to nip something in the Bud about my personal life.


As of this month (September 2014) I am no longer a member of the Parish of All Saints’ Cathedral, Edmonton.


I did not leave due to a dispute with any of the clergy or any other Parishioner. I wish everyone at the Cathedral Parish well.


I have now moved to the Parish of St. Stephen the Martyr. St. Stephen’s is much closer to my current residence than the Cathedral, and I am on very good terms with it’s Rector whom Baptized both my children when he was the Vicar at the Cathedral.

However, I have come to a point in my own Faith journey that I need to explore. Some of it might spill into my videos. (Which reminds me; I need to make more videos.) So, I will be exploring at St. Stephen’s for a while.

St. Stephen’s is a Parish within the Anglo-Catholic tradition. It generally only uses the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer with it’s Lectionary and Collects. It is also a struggling, Inner City Parish that was forced to abandon their previous Church building in 2009 due to problems with the foundation. As such they have been co-located with the Parish of St. Faith’s in their Church since then.

While I am doing a bit of exploring I hope to help build up St. Stephen’s (and St. Faith’s) online presence because I believe that it is important to the future of the Church as a whole and not just any one Parish.

So, to recap: I am leaving the Cathedral on very good terms with the people there. I will miss them but for myself, for my family and for my new Parish I need to move on.



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2 thoughts on “Nipping Something in the Bud

  1. I loved finding your videos on church history on YouTube and have watched your first one. Comment was invited there but somehow not possible to leave. I did a search and found this site which I am anxious to explore. My immediate purpose, however, is to comment on part 1 of your church history and chiefly to direct your attention to two areas that are deserving of improvement. Firstly, your narrative needs to slow to allow for clear enunciation. The other area that needs addressing is proper pronunciation the lack of which does tend to distract from your very worthy content. A perusal of your other titles shows a deep commitment and I do believe our church does tend to fall short of the mark when it comes to educating those unfamiliar with our history as well as a general overall lack of comfort in stating positions held by the church in these times of lowered attendance and dwindling funds against a backdrop of internal divisions on certain social issues. Please continue and strive, as Our Lord Jesus Christ calls upon us to do, to improve and to share His teachings with grace and in faith. Prayers for you, your work, and your family. May the peace of The Lord be always with you.

    1. Hello Natalie,

      One thing to note is that I did those videos several years ago and I have learned how to speak much better for these videos.

      In Christ, MA~

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