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Announcement Concerning Lent Madness 2015


Many of you that for the last two years I have produced videos with Archbishops’ Thomas Cranmer and John Chrysostom giving colo(u)r commentary on Lent Madness. Doing these video productions has been an awesome experience. However, it appears that my participation may be coming to a close.

After some careful thought I am having to withdraw from further participation in Lent Madness. I want to be very clear on this: at no point have Scott or Tim of the Supreme Executive Committee asked me to withdraw nor am I in a dispute with them. And, I still consider Forward Movement the owners of the content I created for Lent Madness 2014 as it was uploaded to a YouTube channel that they control and not me. So, please do not think this was the result of any dispute or squabbling in the back scenes.

That being said I will say what this was about: Me. I have been producing few videos recently and that comes down to having less time to do the work to create the content. I love doing it, but finding the time is difficult. Back in 2013 I changed positions with my employer and production of the videos in 2014 for Lent Madness was possible in that I had a very fixed schedule with fewer duties. However, just since last month my duties have expanded greatly and I do not have the time needed to commit to producing the videos in Lent Madness this year.

The Archbishops have been fairly supportive on this. They are going to miss not doing videos this year, but they do plan to give commentary via Twitter. However, they had been considering retiring so as they could go back to competing.

I am not closing the door on my involvement in Lent Madness. I am just unable to create the type of content I did in 2013 let alone 2014. Conversely, my schedule in April and May should allow me to participate in the equally wonderful 50 Days of Fabulous.

I would also like to give a chance to publicly thank both Scott and Tim for bringing me onto the crew back for Lent Madness 2013. You guys helped to give me a lot of expose that I am grateful for.

In Christ,