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The Future of Maple Anglican

Hello all,

This blog post is about the future of the ministry that is Maple Anglican. Before you think “Oh, no! MA is going to shut down.” Please, be calm.

For the past few years that amount of content I have produced has reduced quite a lot. There have been far fewer videos, fewer blog posts, and alas even far fewer memes. There are some reasons for that and now that I feel comfortable enough to share and begin a discussion about the future of this ministry.

This will not come as a surprise for many, however, for a few years now I have been discerning the call to ministry, and I made this more formal in April of 2016 when I began a Master of Theological Studies degree online. Thus, a lot of my time online has been devoted to course work. I just finished up two courses earlier this week and I have nothing on my plate there until September.

As well, four years ago I was promoted in my company to do a very wonderful career in Information Security which takes up a lot more of my time but it much more rewarding.

Finally, I have been coming to grips with the fact that I suffer from depression, that is largely caused by me not treating my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) since I began University in 1998. I would have occasional bouts of depression since starting University, however, the coping mechanisms I used since then stopped working, and my ADHD driven brain which was unable to deal with the world putting me into depression. I am currently medicated for the Depression while getting my ADHD under control, however, the later has been a bit of a challenge as some of you will recall I was in the ER during June.

When I first began this ministry the purpose was to use social media as an medium much like the way books were used with regards to the Protestant Reformation. However, since starting this I have come to realize that social media has come to become a very nasty place, full of much vitriol and hatred as can easily be seen in the US political scene.

I really don’t want to give this up. I have about two months to do some work here and trying to pan some things out, however, I need a bit of a muse.

Which is why I reach out to you as ask you what should I do?

Is there a video or two I should try and do during the summer? Should I try and re-boot this Ministry, reveal who I am, make this a bit more personal?

Thus, my brothers and sisters in Christ, I prayfully look for your input.