The Future of Maple Anglican

Hello all,

This blog post is about the future of the ministry that is Maple Anglican. Before you think “Oh, no! MA is going to shut down.” Please, be calm.

For the past few years that amount of content I have produced has reduced quite a lot. There have been far fewer videos, fewer blog posts, and alas even far fewer memes. There are some reasons for that and now that I feel comfortable enough to share and begin a discussion about the future of this ministry.

This will not come as a surprise for many, however, for a few years now I have been discerning the call to ministry, and I made this more formal in April of 2016 when I began a Master of Theological Studies degree online. Thus, a lot of my time online has been devoted to course work. I just finished up two courses earlier this week and I have nothing on my plate there until September.

As well, four years ago I was promoted in my company to do a very wonderful career in Information Security which takes up a lot more of my time but it much more rewarding.

Finally, I have been coming to grips with the fact that I suffer from depression, that is largely caused by me not treating my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) since I began University in 1998. I would have occasional bouts of depression since starting University, however, the coping mechanisms I used since then stopped working, and my ADHD driven brain which was unable to deal with the world putting me into depression. I am currently medicated for the Depression while getting my ADHD under control, however, the later has been a bit of a challenge as some of you will recall I was in the ER during June.

When I first began this ministry the purpose was to use social media as an medium much like the way books were used with regards to the Protestant Reformation. However, since starting this I have come to realize that social media has come to become a very nasty place, full of much vitriol and hatred as can easily be seen in the US political scene.

I really don’t want to give this up. I have about two months to do some work here and trying to pan some things out, however, I need a bit of a muse.

Which is why I reach out to you as ask you what should I do?

Is there a video or two I should try and do during the summer? Should I try and re-boot this Ministry, reveal who I am, make this a bit more personal?

Thus, my brothers and sisters in Christ, I prayfully look for your input.



4 thoughts on “The Future of Maple Anglican

  1. For many years I was a practicing Jehovah’s Witness throughout my teens and was “marked” and treated as a dis-fellowshipped person (shunned) when I chose to take a job not “approved” by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in order help my parents pay their mortgage when my Dad lost his job in the 1990 recession. That caused me to not only walk away from the “religion” but from God altogether. In fact I would say that it would be more accurate to say that I hated God and blamed him for every bad thing that happened to me.

    In the 25 years since then, despite my anger, God reached out to me several times in little ways. Of course, I wasn’t listening. Until about a year ago. I knew I didn’t want to go back to the JW’s and was looking for a place to worship. Because of my background, my faith communities turned their back on me and it wasn’t until I had several email conversations with a young Anglican priest in Ontario that I came to the realization that the Anglican Church of Canada was the right place for me.

    Your YouTube videos were extremely helpful for an inquirer who wasn’t quite sure. They helped solidify my choice. In the time since, I have become a baptized Christian (my JW baptism not being valid) and received Holy Communion for the first time at 45 years old.

    Ministry in my past life as a JW was important to me and I still feel that way since it is part of our baptismal call. So, like you, I am now discerning a life in the ministry. For me it is the vocational diaconate by way of lay evangelism first.

    Your videos and blog helped me make the decision to chose the ACC as my faith community. So, please be aware that you are reaching people.

    If I were to suggest a video or blog, I would like to see something explaining liturgical differences between the BCP and BAS. As an inquirer, I found going to services that use BAS confusing when I was used to BCP. However, now that I regularly attend communion at lunch at the Cathedral, I don’t have that struggle.

    Thank you for your work and God bless.

  2. Maple, Maple, Maple. The reason for your ministry on social media is that same vitriol and hatred that concerns you. A counterpoint is needed! Even if your presense is sporadic and spare, it still has value. Don’t conflate quantity with quality.

  3. I’ve enjoyed your posts. I agree that social media is becoming increasingly a place of vitriol and negativity. I’m wishing for a way to reverse that but all I can do is make site I don’t add to the nastiness. Do you have any other ideas? I wish you well in your journey toward an increased service of well being.

  4. I want to encourage you, from one depressed ADHD Anglican seminarian to another.

    It is tough, but grace keeps us going. Ministry is impossible without revealing yourself. The Incarnation was a revelation that heals.

    As far as a muse is concerned, I believe the very thing that is on your heavy heart can be the perfect muse. Social media is a nasty place, and it is not much better IRL here in the US. In the end grace wins out.

    There is more I can say, but I do not know if you would even see it. You don’t seem to update this blog anymore.

    Grace and Peace to you, Brother,

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